Pako - Car Chase Simulator


Crazy racing in isometric view


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Pako - Car Chase Simulator is a racing game with isometric graphics where you have to drive nonstop to flee the police in closed scenarios full of objects.

On Pako - Car Chase Simulator you'll find six different tracks where you can drive six different cars. In the mall parking lot, for example, you can drive a black sports cars; while in the cemetery (where you'll find zombies), you'll get to drive a limo.

If your car crashes onto any of the obstacles on each level, it'll explode. Likewise, if one of the many police cars giving you chase manages to crash into your vehicle, it'll explode. That's why you have to drive very carefully.

Pako - Car Chase Simulator's control system is very simple: your vehicle is continuously accelerating and, depending on which part of the screen you press on, you'll turn right or left. At first it will be a bit complicated, but it won’t take long for you to get the hang of it.

Pako - Car Chase Simulator is a very simple but fun racing game that's perfect for short, one-minute matches and comes with an excellent soundtrack and graphics.

Requires Android 2.3 or above